Chartered Architectural Technologist

Specialising in renovations, new homes and light commercial builds.

A Chartered Architectural Technologist applies the science of architecture and specialises in the
technology of building design and construction. A Chartered Architectural Technologist (MCIAT) has
demonstrated competence as a specialist in building design and construction and can undertake a
building project from inception through to final completion.

At Garry Hodgson Building Design (GHBD) we provide services to guide our customers through the various stages of a project from:

  • Initial design stage
  • Understanding the client’s needs
  • Preparing scheme design drawings
  • Submissions to the Local Authority
  • Construction drawings and specification writing
  • Obtaining tender prices from builders
  • Seeing the project through to completion

Most projects generally start off with a client meeting to discuss and assess the needs in order to agree as project brief. This often includes identifying possible options, expenditure limits and timescale for the completion of the works.

Fixed fees are usually quoted for work from inception through to construction drawings, specification writing and onto local authority submissions. Thereafter, for work involved in the inspection of buildings, fees are based upon an agreed hourly rate.

Many building projects call for specialist advice from other professionals working in the construction industry such as a structural engineer, quantity surveyor, an energy consultant, and a planning supervision / CDM co-ordinator. The need for any additional specialist work will be determined on an individual project basis.

What to expect from Chartered Architectural Technologists

Undertaking building or other development work is often quite arduous, but this is made easier if you understand the roles and responsibilities of those concerned. It is important to appreciate that the design and construction of your project can be complex. It is essential that you appoint a qualified professional to provide advice before embarking on your project. They will be able to help you understand the necessary scope of services that are required to ensure its successful delivery.

These downloadable booklets are intended to give information to people who are new to building and are thinking about a domestic building project, whether it is a new build, extension, refurbishment or adaptation.